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    We Offer:

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From wellhead to refinery - why our clients love and trust us!

Crude Oil Purchasing
Crude Oil Refining
Transportation / Logistics

National Crude Marketing

Our service is second to none.

National Crude Marketing’s number one goal is superior customer service. We are dedicated to remaining customer focused in purchasing, gathering crude, and marketing crude oil and condensate with our own fleet of trucks operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. National Crude Marketing provides a seamless service that links oil producers with oil consumers in the safest, smartest and most cost-effective manner.

The Company

National Crude Marketing provides crude oil and specialty hydrocarbon streams to the refining and petrochemical industry. We offer competitive pricing by utilizing our assets and extensive partner network. We work hard to combine this with superior and timely customer service to bring you the best product at the best price available.

Since 2009, National Crude Marketing’s highly experienced staff has purchased crude and hydrocarbon streams in Texas and Louisiana Gulf coasts, Eagle Ford and Permian Basin. Our staff offers experience in exporting, bulk buying, lease marketing, lease purchasing, logistics, scheduling, and lease reconciliation. With a history of transactions and financial support, customers can rely on product availability and service continuity.

Our Services

  • Lease Purchasing
  • Plant Biproduct purchasing
  • Bulk Purchases
  • Market Consultation – Exploration, Production, and Acquisitions Support
  • Variable and Forward Pricing Solutions
  • Lease/Purchase Contracts and Pricing Mechanisms
  • Division Orders, Revenue Distributions, Gas Disbursement, Severance Tax